Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chicago News 1920-1925

Jan. 17, 1920: Prohibition begins.
Aug. 26, 1920: 19th Amendment gives U.S. women right to vote.
Sept. 17, 1920: Professional organization that became National Football League created in auto showroom in Canton, Ohio, by George Halas and others.
Feb. 8, 1921: Medill School of Journalism opens at Northwestern University.
May 2, 1921: Field Museum of Natural History opens in present lakefront location.
Oct. 15, 1921: Tribune, sued for libel by City of Chicago, wins case, which sets precedent protecting media's right to criticize government.
Oct. 26, 1921: Chicago Theatre opens.
June 10, 1922: Tribune Tower design competition announced as part of 75th birthday celebration.
Oct. 31, 1922: Benito Mussolini takes power in Italy.
Sept. 2, 1923: Tribune provides first reports to America on great Japanese earthquake.
May 21, 1924: Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb murder 14-year-old Bobby Franks on South Side in first celebrated "crime of the century."
July 15, 1924: WDAP radio station renamed WGN by Tribune in honor of paper's slogan.
July 10, 1925: John Thomas Scopes, charged with teaching evolution, goes to court in celebrated "Monkey Trial." WGN broadcasts Clarence Darrow's defense of Scopes.

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