Friday, October 24, 2008

The writings of Lizzie and Silver

Silver wrote "Star of Blood" on yellow legal pads and the had a friend, down the hall, type the manuscript up. The original pages are at the Colorado State Historical Society along with a copy of the self-published book itself. She sent copies to all the local reviewers in Denver, got back a few letters, mostly due to her last name. She thought, by moving to Chicago that she might, among other things, advance her literary career. More likely, she moved to Chicago to get away from a man.

The calendar from Lizzie's cabin
Graphomania, a passion or urge to write. Was this the best guess of what was going on with Lizzie? The Colorado State Historical Society has over 12,000 pieces of written matter by Lizzie, a few by Silver. Was this the source of Lizzie's mania?

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