Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Packed in a Trunk" Documentary on the life and art of Edith Lake Wilkinson

 Tracked down this wonderful documentary released in 2015 that Jane Anderson (just won an Emmy for the Teleplay of HBO's Olive Kitteredge) made with her partner about her great aunt, the artist Edith Lake Wilkinson.
Even though this story is heartbreaking and tough to watch, Jane's journey is inspiring and the parallels between Jane and her aunt were truly amazing.
What struck me even more is that, having grown up with Jane in Los Altos (she was in my graduating high school class) it thrills me to no end to see what a huge success she has become and even more, to hear her say how much she is loved, how much love is in her life, that she is married to her partner of 26 years and has a son. Absolutely stunning.
Jane was, and continues to be, a completely unique human being. Everyone who knew her in high school knew she was the most unique human being they might ever meet. Weren't we lucky! Brava, Jane!

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